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Obtaining a work permit from Canada while outside the country can be complex, requiring finding an employer willing to go through the a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application process and cover associated fees.

However, there are programs that incentivize employers to hire French speakers.

Outside Québec: Francophone Mobility

The Francophone Mobility work permit stream facilitates hiring for Canadian employers without requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Individuals with a minimum CLB 5 proficiency in French, destined to live and work outside Quebec, can benefit from this program.

LMIA Exempt

CLB 5 proficiency in French

$230 employer compliance fee

Offer of employment needed

Outside of Québec

Primary agriculture occupations
not allowed

Outside Québec: Francophone Mobility
Québec: Facilitated LMIA Process

Québec: Facilitated LMIA Process

In Quebec, the facilitated LMIA process is applicable to a defined list of professions experiencing labor shortages in the province. Employers can avail of this streamlined process if the position falls within the specified list.

No Proof of Recruitment Efforts Required

Maximum 3-Year Work Permit

Eligible Jobs Must Be Listed for Simplified Processing

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