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Solving Labor Shortages with Skilled International Workers

International Recruitment Process


New Position

Understand labour requirements, define suitable NOC code, and structure the job offer



Conduct thorough screening, 
security check, and
interviews of potential candidates



(Optional services provided by YISHAN IMMIGRATION) Provide end-to-end support for immigration applications



Offer administrative assistance and language training services for a seamless transition


Benefits of Hiring Foreign Workers

Highly Skilled Talent

Gain access to a larger pool of highly skilled individuals with diverse expertise worldwide.

Strong Work Ethic

Workers from certain cultures are renowned for their strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment to their employers.

Improved Retention

The work permit of foreign workers is directly tied to the employer for the entire duration of the permit, typically ranging from 12 to 36 months. This exclusive employment relationship enhances retention rates.


Delivering Results

You will have Job-Ready and Culturally integrated candidates

We conduct vigorous screening
  • Skills compatibility assessment

  • Security checks

  • Language proficiency verification

We provide comprehensive training
  • Training on the history, customs, and professional cultures of Québec and Canada

Saving Time

You will work with a team of punctual, organized, culturally aware professionals

We respect timelines
  • Prompt for communication and applications

We work end-to-end
  • Seamless coordination between recruiters and the immigration team

We pay attention to cultural factors
  • Leveraging immigrant background and Canadian experience to bridge cultural gaps between local businesses and international workers

Managing Risk & Cost

Fully licensed Recruiters and Immigration consultants

We prioritize diligent practices 
  • We adhere strictly to relevant laws and regulations to protect your rights as an employer and minimize your risks.

Subvention eligibility possibility
  • Working with a licensed agency like YISHAN, you may qualify for a government subvention to cover recruitment and francisation expenses.

Focusing on Business

Seasoned Management consultant

Certified Change Management Practitioner (PROSCI)

We go beyond match-making
  • Our recruiters in Canada possess extensive industry experience in the fields of technology, manufacturing, engineering, and aviation.

  • Our primary goal is to facilitate transformative change that drives business success through the integration of international workforce. We understand the importance of smooth transitions and therefore provide comprehensive change management plans to ensure a seamless process.

Our Services



Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) / Validated Job Offer (VJO)

Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) /
Work Permit

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