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TEF Preparation

TEF Canada Preparation

Why TEF Canada?

Widely Recognized

Accepted for both federal and Quebec programs, saving effort with multiple applications.

Abundance of Exam Centers

Numerous exam centers and sessions facilitate convenient reservation booking.

Shared Experiences and Resources

Benefit from a large community of exam-takers and access ample preparation resources.

Why our Training Special?

Class Organization

  • Flexible Online ClassesTake the classes at your convenience, whenever you are free.

  • Small Class Size: Benefit from focused oral practice and enhance language skills more effectively

Effective Learning Approach

  • Assigned Homework with Correction: Each session includes relevant exercises, and a teacher provides corrections to ensure assimilation of information.

  • Test-Oriented: The subjects and formats are tailored to exam requirements, ensuring quick and accurate results.

Off-Class French Activities

  • Organized Group Gatherings: Engage in group activities to practice French language skills in a social setting.

  • Private Subject Practice: Receive personalized one-on-one or one-on-two sessions for targeted practice on specific subjects.

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TEF Canada Preparation

We Target B2!

French for Work

French for Work

General Work-Related French Training

Job Preparation Course:

Enhance job-seeking skills, interview preparation, and acquire common office language proficiency.

Employer-Specific Training

Francisation Initiative Course:

Sponsored by employers under the Quebec government's program, this training focuses on essential French language skills to understand your work, interact with colleagues, and engage with clients.

French Activities 

French Activities 

Classmates in the Library

Language Buddy Program

Engage in conversational practice with a native French speaker who will be paired up with you for immersive language learning.

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