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Economic immigrants are people selected for their skills and ability to contribute to Canada's economy, including international students (if they choose to stay after graduation), foreign workers, and business immigrants.


Unlike family reunification or refugee class, the economic class focuses on applicants’ ability to become economically established in Canada. International graduates and foreign workers are often required to demonstrate their employability to fill labour and skills shortages in the Canadian labour market, whereas business immigrants are evaluated on their contribution in terms of job creation, development in a regional or remote setting or expansion of export markets for Canadian products and services, or advancement of the Canadian industry.

Canadian Immigration

3 Permanent residency classes
Refugee /

Key to success



Key to success

- Job creation

- Significant contribution

Business Immigration VS Other Economic Immigration

Business Immigration
Other Economic Immigration
Business owner
Executive or manager
Self-emloyed person
Skilled worker
Skilled trades worker
International graduates

Business Immigration Options

C12 Work Permit (ICT)

Difficulty ▪️

LMIA exempted

You own / manage at least 1 company outside of Canada

You intend to move your business to Canada

Self-employed Persons Program

Difficulty ▪️

Federal PR program

You have 2-year experience in cultural activities or athletics

You intend to work as a self-employed individual in Canada (except Québec)

Entrepreneur Program (Québec)

Difficulty ▪️▪️▪️

Québec PR program

You intend to Start and operate an innovative business

You must secure support from designated Québec organizations for your business project

You must speak French (CLB7)

C11 Work Permit

Difficulty ▪️

LMIA exempted

You have self-employment / entrepreneur experience

You intend to start or buy a business in Canada

Self-employed Persons Program (Québec)

Difficulty ▪️▪️

No NOC restriction

You have 2-year of self-employment experience

You have a net worth of at least CDN$100,000

You must speak French(CLB7)

Farm Owner and Operator Program

Difficulty ▪️

Low CLB required

You have the financial resources and farm management experience

You intend to establish a new or purchase an existing farm in either Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba 

Start-up Visa

Difficulty ▪️▪️▪️

Max 5 co-applicants

You have a viable and scalable business idea

You can secure investments from designated Canadian organizations

Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs)

Difficulty ▪️▪️

80 PNP programs

You have a high verifiable net worth and investment capital

You have a viable business plan to develop a business in one province /territory (except Québec)

Express Entry (Work Permit to PR) 

Difficulty ▪️

Low risk

1-year full-time work experience in Canada

You may be eligible to receive 50 or 200 additional points for an arranged employment (job offer) from your own business in Canada

One-stop Service : Immigration & Business


For business / self-employed person

  1. Work permit 

  2. Visitor Visa

  3. Transition to permanent residence - Express Entry

  4. Federal or Provincial permanent residence program

  5. Canadian Citizenship 

For family member

  1. Work permit - Accompanying spouse/partner

  2. Study permit - Accompanying children

  3. Visitor Visa

  4. Parent & Grandparent sponsorship

For employer​

  1. Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

  2. Work permit for your employee


Business plan

  1. Business plan & Financial plan

  2. Market research

  3. Pitch deck

Incorporation or acquisition​

  1. Business registration (federal or provincial)

  2. Mailing address in Canada

  3. Purchase an existing business in Canada

  4. Purchase a franchise in Canada

  5. Compliance audits

  6. Business exploratory visit

Start-up ​

  1. Connecting our clients with financial investment organizations such as venture capital funds, incubators, angel investors, etc.


Business support

  1. Taxation: accounting & bookkeeping

  2. Recruiting foreign workers and meeting recruitment efforts for LMIA applications

  3. Application for or extension of Canadian work permits

Financial support

  1. Bank services

  2. Insurance services

  3. Asset management services

Integration support ​

  1. English & French training

  2. School registration 

Our team: We know business & We know immigration

yiting profil_edited_edited.jpg


Immigration Consultant

Case manager

@Vancouver, BC

Industry experience

Yiting has over 15 years of professional experience in the Tech industry before transitioning to Canadian Immigration Consulting. With his management and technical roles in multinational companies, he has the facility with and understanding of Canada's Tech ecosystem.


Immigration expertise

  • Tech Immigration


  • LMIA

  • Global Talent

  • Start-up VISA

  • Express Entry

yas-air canada_edited_edited.jpg


Business Consultant

@Montreal, QC

Yassine has a solid background in management consulting. Top graduate from McGill University, Yassine has been working as a strategy consultant for international organizations and companies in the aviation sector.

Services provided 

  • Business plan

  • Market research

  • Pitch deck

  • Business plan - Interview preparation

shan profil_edited_edited.jpg


Immigration consultant

Case coordinator

@Montreal, QC

Industry experience

Shannon is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in e-commerce and social enterprise. She holds degrees in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from top schools in France and China. She worked as a Policy Analyst for Canadian business chambers. 

Immigration expertise

  • C12 work permit - ICT

  • C11 work permit - entrepreneur

  • Start-up VISA

  • Self-employed person Program

  • PNP


Partner Law Firm

Business Immigration advisor

@Toronto, ON

Business and corporate immigration lawyers (members of the Law Society of Ontario)  with 20+ years of combined legal experience.

Services provided 

  • Business registration

  • Compliance audits 

  • Purchase an existing Canadian business/franchise

  • Mailing address in Canada

grace dacacche_edited.jpg


Immigration advisor

@Montreal, QC

Industry experience

Grace is an Adjunct Instructor with Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law at Queen’s University Law School in Ontario and College Lasalle, Montreal, Quebec. She has over a decade of practical experience in Economic Class immigration and Québec programs.

Immigration expertise

  • LMIA

  • Québec: Entrepreneur Program 

  • Québec: Self-employ person Program


Partner Accountant (CPA)


Services provided 

  • Business registration

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services

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